Sunday, April 24, 2016

7- Day 100% Guarantied Weight Loss Diet Plan.

                                                    Healthy Diet Plan!

#Day Two Diet set up.

Prayer: stand up prayer time and offer prayer.

Walk :After prayer choose a walk for half-hour

in fresh air throughout walk say tusbee any name of

Allah or darood sharif.

Energy Drink:When you came back home you drink one glass of energy drink.

( one glass of luke heat water+juice of 1 lemon combine it and drink it daily before breakfast.)
Lemon Drink

Break Fast:Take two slice of brown bread with one cup of regular tea

(if you don't like tea you take slice with butter.

Lunch: Take one bowl of soup.

(yakni one litter,1/2 cabbage,one capsicum, one normal onion,Three cloves garlic,one green onion

(if available)two green chilies,one small piece ginger Put all ingredients in pan and cooked for 5 minutes and then put one tablespoon soya sauce ,

one table spoon white vinegar and two eggs two table spoon corn flour for thickness.

Lemon green tea:  After lunch take one cup of green tea.

Dinner:Take one chapati with vegetables salan and take one cup of green tea.

Green Tea

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